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How to Receive Services from CAPC
If you are interested in receiving our services, you can download our General Information Brochure and CAPC Philosophy Statement to receive more information. You may also call for an appointment to speak with Itzel Ayala at (562) 693-8826 or email Itzel.

In order to receive our services you have to:

  • live within a 10 mile radius of our uptown Whittier office, or
  • live within a 10 mile radius of our Fullerton Administrative Office
  • have a desire to work (volunteer or paid) or live in your own home
  • want to live a typical adult life
  • have supportive people in your life that will encourage you to make adult decisions with support

If you agree with CAPC’s philosophy and would like to receive our services, contact your Regional Center Service Coordinator or Department of Rehabilitation Counselor to send a referral to us.