Wall of Fame

Here at CAPC, we love to recognize our supporters at every event we hold and here on our website. Without their generous gifts, CAPC would not be able to survive. To honor our supporters, we put them on our Wall of Fame.

Want to be a part of the CAPC Wall of Fame? Donations of $100 or more are acknowledged for their act of courage to support CAPC and join the outstanding sponsors on the Wall of Fame.

Businesses & Associations

Friends & Families

Barrantes Family

Betty Putnam

Bruce Bertram

Debbie Cruz

Don De Benedictis

Fierro Family

Garcia Family

Gonzales Family

Gray Family

Herman & Joann Libolt-Travers

Kathie Fink

Larry and Jane Dicus

Liz Camp

Macaluso Family

Manuel & Lillian Herrera

Morales Family

Nick & Sue Grana

Phillip & Barbara Donaghue

Raoul Pasual

Reggio Family

Teri Bazen

Timothy Brooks

Vena Family

Virginia Ball

Welland Family