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Staff Self Car Check and Safety Documents

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Summer Self Car Checks _CAPC

***Form must be submitted by Friday July 19, 2024 at 4:30 p.m.***

In order to ensure CAPC, Inc. services are provided safely to individuals, all employees that transport individuals by personal vehicle must comply with the California Vehicle Code in order to maintain employment.  In addition, employees must keep the interior and exterior of vehicles used for work safe and presentable. 


Staff are expected to conduct regular weekly maintenance on their vehicles in accordance with the manufacturer specifications and to have vehicles ready for each shift (i.e. oil changes, tire rotations and tire pressure checks, enough gas, etc.).  Vehicles must meet the requirements of this Safety Inspection at all times during the course of employment with CAPC, Inc. 


No vehicle can be used for work unless it has passed this Vehicle Safety Inspection.  A copy of all current documents/IDs required in staff vehicles must be on file in the CAPC, Inc. office. 

Self Car Check

This Form has expired. Please contact to request an extension.

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